Hope you guys like it subscribe for more. This is some psp black ops gameplay. Obviously this is an April Fools joke so don't troll!

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Coke is a Gift from heaven Coke is a Gift from heaven says:
Sony PSP Piano Black??
1. Does the Sony PSP Piano Black come with the memory stick or the memory card? If you dont know what PSP im talking about then follow the url: 2. Is thier a...
chaosx_zero says:
1. Tectonically no matter what psp deal you get, you always get a memory stick since the memory stick is nescessary to save data, for most deals you get a 1gb memory stick which can save a lot of...

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Update: Trooper justified in shooting
According to the statement, PSP Special Emergency Response Teams responded to the scene with Bearcat armored vehicles. When SERT arrived, Robison was standing in the doorway of the camper and appeared to have a small, black pistol in his right hand
Chambersburg Public Opinion State police looking for two men near old Pa. Turnpike tunnels in Fulton County
PSP McConnellsburg actively searching for two black males near the old turnpike tunnels in Brush Creek and Wells Townships, FultonCo. stemming from a police pursuit on the PA turnpike. The subjects are NOT escaped convicts and there is currently no
Police news — Tuesday, Dec. 12
BEECH CREEK — State police at Lamar are investigating a report that a home on Little Sugar Run Road was entered through the front door between 8:15 a.m. and 3:40 p.m. on Dec. 6. Police said the actors damaged and removed several items while inside the
'DJMAX TECHNIKA Q' New song update!
Added popular songs from the 'DJMAX Black Square', formerly released in PSP version. - Songs most loved by fans for its uniqueness and originality. NEOWIZ (CEO Ki Won Lee), announced on December 7th, new song updates for 'DJMAX TECHNIKA Q', a mobile

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Black Rock Shooter The Game Review (PSP)
Now the combat might not be the best in terms of variety, but what is there is not really broken and works well ... succeeds, adding a bit of difference to the game, but it’s not enough. Outside of combat, there really isn’t much else to do in the ...
Black Rock Shooter The Game coming to PSP on April 23
The PlayStation Portable hasn't seen much love since its younger sibling arrived, but NIS America is giving it one more shot. Black Rock Shooter: The Game, the game that must remind you it is a game, is coming to the PlayStation Portable on April 23.
Black Rock Shooter: The Game
A no-brainer if you're a fan of the series, but for anyone else it's really neither here nor there. If you like young girls with big guns and have a penchant for middle-of-the-road action-RPGs, this may well be for you

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... psp rivers it appears sony still plans on going strong with it s psp
... psp rivers it appears sony still plans on going strong with it s psp