PS2 BLACK OPS fast completion "Treneska Border Crossing"

Second mission.

call of duty black ops 2 on line hacks - PSX Scene

Hi all new to all this RIGHT, I'm sick off playing this game on line and getting raped by people hacking the game so I have decided to join them lol I know its not right but every game I have played some one is hacking feed up!

I am after some hacks like God mode or some think to help me aim please could some one help I understand the risks and yes I know I might get some stick for...


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lalalalala lalalalala says:
what games are like black ops and mw3 but for the ps2?
what games are like black ops and mw3 but for the play station 2?
Ryan Gleason says:
BLACK is a great fps game, especially considering its for the ps2, its really fun and if you like COD, then you'll love Black. then theres the old cod and medal of honor games as well as ghost...

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